• A unique product unlike anything else in the market

VMG’s (Vitamagra) products are scientifically advanced, unique and proven to work. Each product addresses a gap in the market and serves a need for our customers at an attractive price. Our scientists are personally involved in all formulations, thus giving us total control of the product function, quality and specifications.

  • Attractive Distribution Terms to Ensure Your Profitability

As most successful people do, we focus on the long term. Therefore, we believe that building relationships is more important than short-term profits. We are team players that will work on getting the best for the team and that means providing the best terms for both parties.

  • Sustainable Growth Opportunities with multiple products

With our Advanced Synergy® technology and other intellectual property, we are poised to create multiple superior products for multiple segments. To put it simply, that means sustainable business growth for our business partners.

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