Detox Programme


Had too much fried food? Overate? Feeling lethargic? Been to one too many big dinners? Drank too much alcohol?

In the 21st Century, many of us live in a highly stressful environment. Besides stresses from external factors, bad diet habits also increase the toxins level in our body. This detox plan can clear out the toxins and allow our bodies to absorb nutriests more optimally. Allowing you to feel more energetic and livelier at the end of the program.

This 2 Day Detox Package will help clear out toxins and reset your body.

Some diet tips before you embark on the detox programme:

  • Opt for whole grain options whenever available
  • Choose less oil and less salt
  • Choose less sugar
  • Avoid processed and fast food
  • Opt for low temperature cooking options like steaming, pan frying and baking


Follow this plan for 2 days.

1. Morning

Start your day right with a VMG:

1) A VMG power smoothie shake (Click HERE for recipes or head to the nearest Cafe Seventy)

2) A small breakfast if you are still hungry from the shake. Choose high fiber options.
Eg. An apple or banana OR a slice of whole wheat toast with unsalted peanut butter or reduced sugar jam.

3) 30 minutes light exercise like strolling or swimming. Get your body moving to encourage your organs to work at its optimal. This is important for the detox process.

2. Afternoon

Healthy afternoon lunch

1) Have a light lunch to keep your body going throughout the day.
Eg. Steamed brown rice with lean meat and steamed vegetables OR
Steamed sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots with baked cod

2) A light tea to keep your metabolism going.
     – A VMG Coffee drink (Click HERE for recipes or head to the nearest Cafe Seventy)
     – Small fruit

3. Evening

Light evening dinner to end your day right

1) Your favourite VMG shake: Ending your day witth a VMG shake allows your body to detox even better, clearing your body of toxins and ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.

2) Eat a light dinner if you are still hungry. Have fresh vegetables with minimum dressing or steamed vegetables.
Eg. A Small fresh salad topped with lean chicken breast meat OR
A small bowl of fish soup

3) Do a little light stretching before you sleep. Stretching can stimulate the lymph nodes to assist in detox.


At the end of the two days, your digestion would have improved and toxins would have cleared out of your body. Now your body is able to absorb nutrients better!

Tip: If this detox plan is extended over a week, you may experience a 1 – 2 kg weight loss. This plan can be used to kickstart a weight loss regime.