• Is VMG safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

    We do not recommend pregnant ladies to participate in a weight loss program during pregnancy. Although it will be safe to consume VMG during pregnancy and during breastfeeding for added nutrients, we would still suggest that you check with your doctor or dietician regarding what food items you should avoid.

  • Is VMG lactose-free?

    Yes, VMG is lactose-free and can be consumed by lactose intolerant people.

  • Can I consume VMG if I am allergic to soy?

    Different people react differently and to varying severities to a specific allergen. If you have serious allergic reaction to a small amount of soy (1 teaspoon), such as constriction of windpipe and difficulties breathing, we suggest you not to take VMG. Do an allergy test before consuming VMG.

    Consult your doctor or dietician to be sure.

  • What is the recommended serving of VMG per day? Can a slim person take VMG?

    We recommend that one do not exceed 6 tablespoons of VMG daily. For weight management, please refer to our Detox or Beauty Boost Programme. However, for a slim person that does not intend to lose weight, 1 to 2 cups of VMG drink can be taken daily, as a healthy snack, or nutritional supplement for vitamins and minerals.

  • Can VMG be consumed by children under 12?

    VMG is intended for adults. We believe that children should consume healthy balanced meals and have regular exercise to keep their weights within the healthy region. We also recommend that children consume VMG Kids Booster for maximum brain and growth development.

  • Does it comes in other flavours like chocolate or strawberry?

    No it does not. We recommend people to augment the way they take VMG according to their taste. Several suggested ‘sure winners’ can be found on our recipes page.

  • Can someone with diabetes consume VMG?

    VMG was designed for quick energy update through certain carbohydrates that may affect your glycaemic index. We recommend that you take VMG Ageless that is completely sugar-free for maximal nutrient absorption.