Shiro-Wa strives to constantly break frontiers in nutrition and develop products that truly delivers what it promises. As such, our scientists have taken out what is unneccessary and possibly damaging to your health, leaving behind the best natural ingredients from all over the world. 

Our focus on research and development has allowed us to innovate and revolutionised 21st Century Nutrition.

With a scientific team having more than 50 years research experience, Shiro-Wa Pte Ltd has uniquely redefined nutrition for the 21st Century. Introducing Advanced Synergy™ – a system that optimises the absorption of naturally-derived nutritional ingredients by the body. With Advanced Synergy™, VMG makes improving health, losing weight and boosting exercise performance easy yet effective.

VMG was awarded the US FDA, Australian DFF and Singapore HSA and AVA quality marks. VMG was given the prestigious Singapore Trusted Brand Award 2015.


Scientists have discovered that our body requires  more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals for optimum cellular function. However, we fail to get these in our standard diets, even healthy ones! Moreover, these 30 components have an interrelationship that can either cancel, combine or produce a positive exponential effect. Advanced SynergyTM is a combinatory technology on the interrelationship of vitamins, minerals and our diets.

With Advanced SynergyTM , VMG provides the right amount of each essential vitamin and mineral to ensure that our body gets the right amount of nutrition without an adverse outcome. VMG has far-reaching effects on areas like improving health, weight loss and exercise.