Product Overview


Introducing VMG Performance, a novel advanced formulation drink or shake for maximum performance. Whether you are studying for an exam, engaged in a sport, exercising at the gym, giving an important presentation, attending a critical interview, performing a work that requires high performance, or any other activities where you simply want to be at your best, physically and mentally, VMG Performance is specially formulated to give you that boost. 

VMG Performance is designed with an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to protein for top performance. With VMG’s unique Advanced SynergyTM technology, we created a thirst quenching hydrating concoction that provides energy performance via time-release sequenced boosts for immediate, mid-term and longer-term energy. VMG Performance is reinforced with a proprietary macro- and micro-nutrient mix that is synergistic and keeps your organs functioning optimally during your high-performance activity. In physically intense activities, VMG Performance enhances Intra-activity Tissue Repair (IATR) that reduces the rate of fatigue thus reducing injury.

The VMG Energy Management TechnologyTM allows rapid absorption of fuel into our system thus providing high performance energy instantaneously. During mid-activity, a time-released booster kicks in to maintain continued high energy and performance levels. A third booster is available for that longer-term performance and for that much needed last burst. VMG Performance allows you to carry out physical activities with full energy but not with a full, heavy stomach. It allows you to be sharper, more energetic and more agile, increasing not just physical ability, but mental acuity and memory.

VMG Performance should be taken before and, if required, during the high-performance activities. This energy drink or shake comes with a well-formulated balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates that boosts physical and mental performance whilst aiding muscle and neural dendritic tissue recovery. For example, an Iron deficiency may lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the muscles, leading to poor exercise performance. Advanced SynergyTM enhances energy release, hydration and protein absorption, boosting performance and energy levels. We also recommend drinking VMG Nutrition shake within 20 minutes after your high intensity activity, for recuperation, tissue replenishment and repair.


Advanced Synergy

Vitamins and minerals works in synergistic manner. A proprietary combinatory technique  for the optimal phytonutrients absorption…