• As a Nutrition Supplement

    Sufficient vitamins and minerals in synergy are essential to achieve optimal health. You can enjoy VMG Soya Synergy in your regular meals or as a tasty, thirst quenching drink or even as a healthy snack. Over time, the nutritional goodness of VMG Soya Synergy has been shown to enhance health, skin, hair and strengthen organ functions.  Feel more confident and look more radiant with VMG Soya Synergy!

    Add 1 sachet of VMG Soya Synergy to 200 – 250ml of hot/ cold water. Take it 1-2 times a day.

  • As a Weight Management Plan (Caloric Budgeting)

    Research has shown that an imbalance of nutrition icould be a cause of weight gain and difficulty in weight loss. VMG Soya Synergy’s Dynamic Weight Management system, can be used by people across a range of BMIs (healthy, overweight and obese). When VMG Soya Synergy is used for healthy weight loss, studies have shown that this was due to fat loss, particularly around the abdomen region, and not from loss in bone mass. You can use VMG Soya Synergy as part of your weight management plan or balance out your caloric intake for the day.

    Add 1 sachet of VMG Soya Synergy to 200 – 250ml of hot/ cold water, twice before a meal. It is recommended not to replace more than 2 meals a day.

  • As a Exercise Supplement

    A balance of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate is important in boosting exercise performance and aiding muscle tissue recovery. For example, an Iron deficiency may lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the muscles, leading to poor exercise performance. Advanced SynergyTM enhances hydration and protein absorption, boosting performance and energy levels. VMG Soya Synergy also enhances tissue repair by fostering cellular rejuvenation. 

    Add 1 sachet of VMG Soya Synergy to 200 – 250ml of hot/ cold water for a pre-workout drink or post workout recovery.