VMG – Your Shortcut To A Healthy Lifestyle

VMG is a scientifically advanced nutrition shake mix that resulted from more than 10 years of research into nutrition and synergistic combinatory chemistry. With Advanced SynergyTM and Pro@flimTM Bioactives, Shiro-wa’s scientists have created VMG to be a system that is useful in the 3 main aspects of a healthy lifestyle – Right Nutrition, losing weight (especially in the visceral region) and exercise.

How the system works: 

1) Advanced Synergy™- There is a complex interrelationship between vitamins and minerals that is not studied in depth. With our proprietary Advanced SynergyTM database, VMG gives the right amount of vitamins and minerals for nutrition, weight management or exercise (read below for more details). VMG makes improving health, losing weight and boosting exercise performance easy yet effective.

2) VitaTech™ – A food-safe heat-resistant technology that ensures all nutrients, including vitamins & minerals retain their efficacy at food processing temperatures and hot drinks. This means you can incorporate VMG’s products into hot drinks and food, into your daily lifestyle.

3) Pro@flim™Bioactives, a specially formulated detoxification active, helps the body to detox and removes accumulated toxins in the digestive system. This then prepares the body to better absorb nutrients and benefit from the vitamins and minerals.

4) Taste Bud Activation™ – A heart-healthy food technology that makes food tastes salty even with very little amount of salt used for food preparation or cooking.

5) 36 Vitamins & Minerals – Scientists have identified that we need more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals for optimum body function. Whether we use VMG for nutrition, weight management or exercise, the body is now more prepared after the detoxification by Pro@flimTM Bioactives.

6) Safe, Natural & Sustainable – VMG was designed to naturally detoxify and optimise the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Based on these key principles, it is used for nutrition, dynamic weight management and supplementation in a safe, natural and sustainable way.


Combinatory Technology On The Interrelationship of Vitamins, Minerals and Our Diets

 Scientists have discovered that our body requires more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals for optimum cellular function. However, we fail to get these in our standard diets, even healthy ones! Moreover, these 30 components have an interrelationship that can either cancel, combine or produce a positive exponential effect. Advanced Synergy™ is a combinatory technology on the interrelationship of vitamins, minerals and our diets.

With Advanced Synergy™, VMG provides the right amount of each essential vitamin and mineral to ensure that our body gets the right amount of nutrition without an adverse outcome.

VMG has far-reaching effects on areas like improving health, weight loss and exercise.



  • Reduces excess water in fat cells by targeting trapped water that contributes to flabby mass especially around the abdomen, hips and thigh regions.
  • Detoxifies by removing the accumulation and build-up of toxic waste and related by-products from the intestinal region and subsequently rest of the body.
  • Stimulates metabolism by acting as a catalyst to increase the body’s metabolic rate.
  • Reduces inflammation and disease by strengthening the immune system.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels by binding faecal waste with LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • Shrinks adipocytes (fat cells) by targeting hard to remove flabby areas (e.g. ‘Love Handles’)